The WAVE massage bed is designed for entry level and home use and not for full time heavy professional use.

PROFESSIONAL LITE and SALON beds are suitable for healing, massage, deep tissue,Reiki ,and are meant for normal use.
DO not use these tables for heavy duty treatments, spinal adjustments, chiropractic, physiotherapy, excesses weight.For the above, the appropriate equipment is the LUXURY, LUXURY Lift and Zendu CLASSIC treatment beds!



Opening and cleaning instructions


  • Open the table as shown and extend the legs, make sure that the wooden supports from the legs to the frame are extended and locked and the cable system is extended, use the handle to lift the table to an upright position, use your foot to stop table from sliding.






  • Do not let your clients get on and off the table placing knees first on the table, any great pointed pressure on the tabletop with knees or elbows might cause damage.  
  • Advise your client not lean heavily or push himself up on the head rest or arm rests and face plug as it might break.
    Make sure you tighten the screws firmly when you adjust the height.




  • Clean your table with liquid soap and damp cloth, for disinfection use Detol soap,
  • NEVER use alcohol or any chemicals on the vinyl as it might crack and damage.



To adjust the height:


  • loosen both screw tops, position the leg section to the desired height and make sure you tighten the screws well.




To insert head arm rest:


  • Insert armrest loops onto headrest studs, insert in table sleeves, lock the headrest, loop Velcro strip over headrest and fasten 2 Velcro sides together. Place face cushion on headrest.







Click this text to see large size photo gallery for head rest and arm shelf instalation.



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